~ Doodles & Sketches ~
by plombe(.tumblr.com)

Maybe I’ll finish this tonight.   ~-.-~

Girls, girls, girls…
(Old, old, old… l’D )

"Was übrig ist"/"What’s left"
Aaah.. the sketch is already a year old but somehow I thought that it would be a good idea to practice colouring with watercolours on it. The original drawing is still a w.i.p., so this is an edited photo I put a filter on. I like the outcome. :D

aaah…I’m not feeling that well right now.

Sketchy sketch~

Unfinished stuff.

Still learning how to work with SAI. Gosh, that program feels so good~

'War Machine'

Listened to ‘War Machine’ by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, thus the title. : D

In order to motivate myself to draw more frequently, I’ve decided to upload sketches. Even if I’m not 100% satisfied with them. I mean…I could always delete them, right? l’ D

'Ich brauche dich nicht mehr.' ('I don't need you anymore.')


Sai is so much fun! :3

The blue one is the original color scheme, but I also like the other ones. lD

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