~ Doodles & Sketches ~
by plombe(.tumblr.com)

'Ich brauche dich nicht mehr.' ('I don't need you anymore.')


Sai is so much fun! :3

The blue one is the original color scheme, but I also like the other ones. lD

# 30 - “Pretty Please”

# 29 - “I’ve always been behind you, so I think we should meet.”

'I can see you'-remake - higher res

I redrew the oldest pic I could find on my dA-page (‘I can see you’). 

left: 2008 (Oekaki)   -  right: 2014 (MyPaint)

That’s also the first ‘proper painting’ I created with MyPaint. I like it so far. 


I’m currently trying to make myself draw/paint more. But I lack inspiration.

Meh. D ‘:

Hm.. I kinda want to paint with watercolours again..

It’s a Mabel!

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